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A Guide to River Thames Charter Boats


If you want to enjoy a day or evening with your friends or family, one great way to do this is by chartering a boat trip on the Thames River. You can find a wide variety of boats that are available for charter. There will be no problem finding what you need. If you want to enjoy your food or refreshments on your charter trip, then there are a few things that you should bear in mind.


When you are thinking about food and refreshments at http://www.thamesboathire.co.uk, you need to remember that you are on a boat on a river and it may not be very convenient to have some sort of formal table setting here but you and your guests may be better served with easy to consume foods such as sandwiches and drinks which are in disposable containers. You don't need to require everyone to sit while eating since there is so much scenery and cool breeze to be enjoyed. Before you take that charter trip on the River Thames makes sure that you discuss everything with the charter company. They will be able to give you some helpful tips when it comes to your boat trip on the Thames.


When you book your boat trip with a company, make sure that your contract indicates what type of boat and how many people the boat will seat. You may want a smaller boat to use such as a speed boat or a smaller party barge so make sure that this is in your contract. This is to avoid any problems like paying for a particular boat and have something different from what you have agreed on initially, waiting for you at the dock. You can also learn more about boat hire by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIp20Q4qcgQ.


Make sure also that you inform the charter company at www.thamesboathire.co.uk where you are going and how long it will take, if you are going on a cruise on the Thames. Day cruises on a peaceful day are perfect and there are a lot of couples who are choosing to have their weddings and receptions on these charter boats. Being on the water indeed adds a festive atmosphere of any celebration. This is something unique for your wedding and your guests will surely be delighted to be in this charter boat wedding on the River Thames. You will be sure that this is one wedding you will always remember not only for yourself, but for all your guests as well.


If you are going to visit London anytime then consider a cruise on the Thames River as part of your itinerary.